UTHM 16th convocation ceremony will be held from 8 to 10 October 2016. Graduands are REQUIRED to:

1.1 confirm their attendance at the official convocation portal available on UTHM website at least 15 days before the convocation or within the stipulated time set by the university.

1.2 pay the convocation fees according to attendance status options.

1.3 clear all outstanding fees and convocation fees. All outstanding fees and other financial obligations can be made via e-payment on UTHM website. Graduands then can proceed to take their convocation attire after all fees are paid.

1.4 fill in Graduate Tracer Study and ALUMNI Information System survey (SISMA) available on the official convocation portal.

1.5 print and bring along their invitation letter for all related convocation matters.

1.6 collect convocation robe from Level 1, Examination Hall (F2 Block) within five (5) days before the ceremony, after confirming attendance.

1.7 comply with the schedule when collecting convocation attire as follows:

1.8 collect convocation attire early to avoid overcrowding. The distribution of the convocation robe is based on ‘first come, first served’ basis because sizes are limited. Last minute collection can lead to errors in choosing the robe.

1.9 appoint a representative to collect the attire if he/she is unable to collect it personally. Graduands are required to fill in the representative form available online (PPA website) before collection (representative can take no more than three (3) sets of convocation attire including for themselves).

1.10 attend a full rehearsal the day before the ceremony. Please adhere to the dress code stipulated by the university.


2.1 Graduands are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to registration for the ceremony. Graduands must bring along the convocation ceremony invitation letter for registration. Ensure that you receive your seat number and RFID card during the registration.

2.2 Registration session is as follows:

2.3 Graduands must be dressed in the convocation robe for registration.

2.4 Parents/guardian/escorts are not allowed to accompany graduands when at the registration counter.

2.5 Graduands then take their seats in the Graduand Zone to listen to a briefing by the officer in charge before the parade to the hall.

2.6 All personal belongings (handbags, cameras, mobile phones, tablet or any gadgets) as well as food and drinks are prohibited in the hall. The university reserves the right to withhold any belongings and will not be held responsible for the safety of the belongings.

2.7 Zuhr prayers can be performed after registration. Please be promptly seated after prayers.

2.8 During the ceremony, graduands and invitees should remain seated and show respect to the harmony of the ceremony.


3.1 Graduands are required to return the convocation attire immediately after the ceremony or within three (3) working days from the final date of the convocation.

3.2 Graduands will be charged a fine (RM20.00 per day including weekends and public holidays) for late return of the convocation attire.

3.3 Academic transcript and certificate will also be withheld if graduands fail to return their convocation attire.

3.4 A compensation fee will be imposed in the event of loss or damage of the convocation attire.

3.5 Academic certificates and transcripts will be issued after the graduand has completed the following:
3.5.1 paid all outstanding fees/fines
3.5.2 submit the Tracer study printed slip
3.5.3 submit the Information System Tracking printed slip (SISMA)

3.6 Academic certificates and transcripts can be mailed to graduands by completing the Postage of Certificate/Transcript form together with a payment of RM12.00.

3.7 A representative may collect the academic certificates and transcripts by submitting the Consent Form for The Collection of Academic Certificate on Behalf of Graduate with a copy of the graduand’s identity card.

3.8 All academic certificates and transcripts must be collected within 90 days of the convocation ceremony. Please note that the university shall not be held responsible for any loss, non-delivery or damage to the scroll collected by the graduand or graduand's representative.


4.1 It is recommended that graduands with special needs (physical disabilities) bring their own wheelchair. Please contact the convocation officer should you need any assistance during registration or throughout the ceremony.


Graduands who do not comply with the above terms and conditions will not be allowed to participate in the convocation ceremony.


Please contact the Academic Management Office (PPA) should you have any questions.

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